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MB0040 Statistics for Management (Code: MB0040 )

MB0040 Statistics for Management
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MB0040 Statistics for Management MB0040 Statistics for Management

SMU university SOLVED online test 


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Edition Description2015-16



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 Statistics for Management Syllabus.

Part 1: Introduction to Statistics
Introduction, Collection, Classification and Presentation of Data, Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of Dispersion

Part 2: Probability
Introduction, Basic terminology used in Probability, Mutually Exclusive Events, Types of Probability, Relative Frequency of Occurrence, Subjective Probabilities, Probability Rules, Probabilities under Conditions of Statistical Independence, Probabilities under Conditions of Statistical Dependence, Baye’s theorem

Part 3: Probability Distributions
Introduction, Bernoulli Distribution, The Poisson Distribution, The Normal Probability Distribution–Continuous probability distribution

Part 4: Sampling and Sampling Distributions
Introduction, Types of Sampling, Random Sampling or Probability Sampling, Sampling Distributions, The Relationship between Sample size and standard error

Part 5: Estimation
Introduction, Point Estimates, Interval Estimates: Basic Concepts, Interval Estimates and Confidence Intervals, Calculating Interval Estimates of the Mean from Large Samples, Calculating Interval Estimates of the Proportion from Large Samples, Interval Estimates Using the student’s t Distribution, Determining the Sample size in Estimation

Part 6: Testing of Hypothesis
Concepts Basic to the Hypothesis, Testing Procedure Testing Hypotheses, Hypothesis Testing of Means when σ is known, Hypothesis Testing of Proportions: Large Samples, Hypothesis Testing of Means when σ is not known

Part 7: Chi – Square and ANOVA
Introduction, Chi – square χ2 as a test of independence, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Part 8: Simple Correlation & Regression
Introduction, Correlation, Regression

Part 9: Business Forecasting & Time Series
Introduction, Business Forecasting, Time Series

Part 10: Index Numbers
Introduction, Index Number – Definition, Types of Index Numbers, Limitations of Index Numbers, Utility and Importance of Index Numbers


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