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MB0046- Marketing Management assignment (Code: mb0046assignment)

MB0046- Marketing Management assignment
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MB0046- Marketing Management assignment MB0046- Marketing Management assignment MB0046- Marketing Management assignment

SUBJECT CODE & NAME MB0046- Marketing Management
BK ID B1629
CREDIT & MARKS 4 Credits, 60 marks
Q.No Questions Marks Total Marks

1 A marketing mix can be referred to as a planned mix of the controllable elements of a
product’s marketing plan, commonly termed as 4Ps: Product, Price, Place and promotion.
Considering the increasing role of services in the economy and customer orientation,
additional 3 Ps such as People, Process and physical evidence were added to the marketing
mix. These Ps are very important while generating optimum income for the company since
it will be adjusted until the right combination that serves the needs of the customers. Define
the term marketing mix. Describe the 7ps of marketing mix.

2 A brand is a composite set of beliefs and associations in the mind of consumers. In brand
Development, as a part of branding strategy decision, the brand manager can decide to
create new brand elements for the new products, apply some of the existing brand elements
to the new product, or use a combination of existing and new brand elements to the existing
and new products. Define Brand. Explain the advantages of brand and the different
branding strategies used by the companies for their range of products.

3 Describe the international market entry strategies in brief.

4 Personal selling focuses in on ‘personal’ or ‘one to one’ selling. It involves an individual
salesman or a sales team establishing and building a profitable relationship with customers
over a period of time through a series of steps. What is personal selling? Explain the steps
in the personal selling process which helps in successful sales.

5. Describe the stages in Business buying process.

6 Describe some of the strategies for effective marketing and advertising in rural market.
Also explain the innovative use of media in rural market.


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