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Product Details:          NMIS University  ECN16101 SOLVED PAPERS AND GUESS

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  If you find yourself getting fed up and frustrated with other ptu book solutions now mehta solutions brings top solutions for ptu. this ECN16101 contains previous year important solved papers plus faculty important questions and answers specially for ptu .questions and answers are specially design specially for NMIS students .


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1Managerial  Economics:  Definition,  Nature  and  Scope  Management:  Meaning  of

Managerial  Economics;  Nature  of  Managerial  Economics,  Contribution  of  Economic  Theory  to  Managerial  Economics,  Contribution  of  Quantitative Techniques to Managerial Economics; Scarcity and Decision-making; Scope of Managerial Economics.

2 Fundamental Concepts of Managerial Economics:  Marginal and Incremental Principle; Equi-marginal  Principle;  Opportunity  Cost  Principle;  Time  Perspective  Principle; Discounting  Principle;  Role  of  Managerial  Economist;  Importance  of  Management Decision-making.

3Supply Analysis:  Concept of Supply;  Determinants of Supply (Law of Supply);  Elasticity of Supply.

4Production Analysis: Production Decision; Production Function; Production Function: One Variable  Input  Case:  Short-run  Analysis,  Law  of  Variable  Proportion  of  Diminishing Marginal  Returns,  Three  Stages  of  Production,  Optimal  use  of  the  Variable  Input; Production  Function  with  two  Variable  Inputs:  Long-run  Production  Function,  Isoquants, Marginal  Rate  of  Technical  Substitution  (MRTS),  Isocost  Lines,  Optimal  Factor Combinations, Equilibrium of a Multi-product Producer; Expansion Path, Changes in Inputs Prices,  Rate of Capital Input (k);  Returns to Scale;  Economic Region of Production (Ridge Lines);  Empirical Production Functions;  Importance of Production Functions in Managerial Decision-making.

5Theory  of  Cost:  Need  and  Significance  of  Cost  in  Managerial  Decision-making;  Cost Concepts,  Future  and  Past  Costs,  Incremental  and  Sunk  Costs,  Out-of-Pocket  and  Book Costs,  Replacement  and  Historical  Costs,  Explicit  Costs  and  Implicit  or  Imputed  Costs, Actual Costs and Opportunity Costs,  Direct (Separable or Traceable) Costs and Indirect (or Common  Non-traceable)  Costs,  Shutdown  and  Abandonment  Costs,  Private  and  Social Costs,  Fixed and Variable Costs,  Short-run and Long-run Costs,  Total Cost, Average Cost and Marginal Cost;  Cost-Output Relationship;  Costs in the Short-run,  Short-run Total Cost and Output,  Short-run Average Costs and Output,  Marginal Cost (MC);  Costs in the Longrun,  Long-run Average Cost Curve is derived from Short-run Cost Curves,  Explanation of the U-shape of the Long-run Average Cost Curve; Economies of Scale; Economies of ScopeApplication of Cost Analysis, Optimum Output Level, Optimum Inventory Level, Optimum Scale.

6 Market  Structure  and  Price  Determination:  Various  Forms  of  Markets,  Perfect

Competition,  Imperfect  Competition,  Monopoly;  Price Determination in Various Types of Markets, Price Determination under Perfect Competition, Price Determination in Monopoly, Price Determination in Monopolistic Competition, Price Determination in Oligopoly.

7 Pricing  Strategies:  Pricing  of  Multiple  Products,  Products  with  Interdependent  Demand,  Pricing of Joint Products;  Transfer Pricing,  No External Market,  A Perfectly Competitive Market for the Transferred Product;  Cost Plus Pricing;  Incremental/Marginal Cost Pricing; Ramsey Pricing; Cycle Pricing; Product Tying; Other Pricing Practices, Price Skimming and Penetration Pricing, Value Pricing and Prestige Pricing, Going Rate and Sealed Bid Pricing;

Government Intervention and Pricing.

8 Profit Analysis:  Meaning and Nature of Profit,  Gross Profit and Net Profit,  Normal Profit and Supernormal Profit, ,Accounting Profit and Economic Profit;  Theories of Profit,  Risk and Uncertainty Theory of Profits,  Profit as a Reward for Market Imperfection and Friction in Economy (Dynamic Theory of Profit),  Innovation Theory of Profits,  Profit as a Reward for Organising other Factors of Production;  Depreciation,  Straight Line Method,  Declining Balance Method (DBM),  Sum of the Year?s Digit Method (SYDM);  Valuation of Stocks; Treatment  of  Capital  Gains  and  Losses;  Treatment  of  Deferred  Expenses;  Profit  Planning and Forecasting, Profit Planning, Profit Measurement.

9 Cost-Volume-Profit  (CVP)  Analysis:  CVP  Relations;  Objectives  of  Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis;  Profit-Volume (P/V) Ratio;  Break-even Analysis,  Uses of Break-even Analysis, Assumptions  of  Break-even  Analysis,  Methods  of  Break-even  Analysis,  Advantages  of Break-even  Analysis,  Three  Alternatives  for  Computing  BEP,  Break-even  Models  and Planning for Profit, Drawbacks of Break-even Analysis (BEA).

10 Investment  Analysis:  Meaning  and  Significance  of  Capital  Budgeting;  Techniques  or Methods of Investment Evaluation,  Payback Period (PBP) Method,  Average Rate of Return on Investment,  Net Present Value (NPV) Method,  Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Criterion, Profitability Index Criterion;  Public Investment Decisions,  Public Investment as a Contrast to  Private  Investment,  Organisation  of  Public  Investment  Decisions;  Social  Cost-benefit Analysis,  Steps involved in Cost-benefit Analysis,  Shadow or Social Price,  Social Discount Rate; Comparing Costs and Benefits: Decision Rules.

11 Macro  Economics  Concepts  and  National  Income:  Definition  of  National  Product, Income and Expenditure;  Measures of Aggregate Income,  Gross and Net Concept,  National and Domestic Concepts,  Market Prices and Factor Costs,  Gross National Product and Gross Domestic Product,  GNP as a Sum of Expenditures on Final Products,  GNP as the Total of Factor Incomes,  Net National Product,  NNP at Factor Cost (or National Income),  Personal Income,  Disposable  Income,  Value  Added;  National  Income  Identities;  Approaches  to Measurement  of  National  Income,  Product  Approach,  Income  Approach,  Expenditure Approach;  Interpreting  National  Income  Measures,  Real  vs.  Money  National  Product, Problem of Computation of Per Capita Income.

12Inflation  and Monetary Policy:  Rate of Inflation;  Types of Inflation,  Creeping Inflation, Galloping  Inflation  and  Hyper  Inflation,  Demand  Pull  Inflation,  Cost  Push  Inflation, Demand Pull vs. Cost Push Inflation;  Measurement of Inflation,  GNP Deflator,  Consumer Price Index (CPI), Wholesale Price Index (WPI), Control of Inflation; Deflation, Definition, Effects  of  Deflation;  Monetary  Policy,  Objectives  of  Monetary  Policy,  Instruments  of Monetary Policy, Monetary Policy in IS-LM Framework; Business Cycle.

13 Balance  of  Payments:  Current  Account;  Capital  Account;  Official  Reserve  Account (ORA);  Total  Balance  of  Payments;  Equilibrium  and  Disequilibrium  in  Balance  of Payments,  Transitory and Fundamental Disequilibrium,  Causes of Disequilibrium (Deficit), Correction of Disequilibrium (Adverse Balance of Payments).

14Fiscal Policy: Meaning and Objectives of Fiscal Policy;  Components of a Budget;  Revenue Budget;  Capital  Budget;  Mobilisation  of  Resources;  Expenditure  of  Central  Government; Budget of State Governments;  Financial Power of Central and State Governments,  List I: Union  List,  List  II:  State  List;  Fiscal  Policy  and  Economic  Growth,  Role  of  Taxes  in Economic  Growth,  Taxes  as  in-build  Stabilizers;  Public  Debt  in  India;  Deficit  Financing, Revenue  Deficit,  Budget  Deficit,  Fiscal  Deficit,  Primary  Deficit,  Deficit  Financing  and Economic Growth; Impact of Fiscal Policy on Business.

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