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MBA101 Principles & Practices of Management (Code: MBA 101BOOK)

MBA101 Principles & Practices of Management
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MBA101 Principles & Practices of Management MBA101 Principles & Practices of Management

PTU university SOLVED Notes AND GUESS 


Product Details: PTU university SOLVED notes AND GUESS

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MBA101 Principles & Practices of Management

Objective: This course presents a thorough and systematic coverage of management theory and practice. The course aims at providing fundamental knowledge and exposure of the concepts, theories and practices in the field of management. It focuses on the basic roles, skills and functions of management, with special attention to managerial responsibility for effective and efficient achievement of goals.

Unit I

Introduction: Definition, nature, scope, importance, Functions of management and manager, Managerial roles and skills, Managerial ethics: need, importance, classification and ethical dilemma, Corporate social responsibility: concept, need, tools and strategies. Evolution of management thought and Management thinkers. Scientific Management, General administrative theories, Quantitative approach, Behavioral approach, Systems approach, Contingency approach.

Unit II

Planning: Importance, types of plans, and process of planning, business forecasting. Concept, importance, benefits, limitations and process of Managing by Objectives. Strategic management : Nature, importance, purpose, types, process and major kinds of strategies. Decision-Making: Importance, types, steps and approaches, Decision Making in various conditions, decision tree.

Unit III

Organizing: Concept, types, structure and process of organization, Bases of departmentation, Line & Staff concept; problems of use of staff & ways to avoid line-staff conflict. Authority & power :-concept, responsibility and accountability. Delegation: concept, importance, factors affecting delegation, Reasons for failure and ways to make delegation effective, Span of Management. Decentralization vs centralization: concept, reasons types and advantage vs disadvantages of decentralization. Coordination: Concept, importance, difficulties and techniques to ensure effective coordination.

Unit IV

Control: Concept, importance, characteristics, planning-control relationship, process of

control –setting objectives, establishing standards, measuring performance, correcting

deviations, types, process and techniques of control, Comparative study: Comparative study of main features of Japanese Management and Z-culture of American Companies, Chinese Style Management, Modern management techniques: an overview of various latest techniques: Business process Re engineering, business outsourcing, benchmarking,

knowledge management, total quality management process, McKinsey's 7-S Approach, E-Business Management


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