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MBA 202 Productions & Operations Management (Code: MBA 202 BOOK)

MBA 202 Productions & Operations Management
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MBA 202 Productions & Operations Management MBA 202 Productions & Operations Management

PTU university SOLVED Notes AND GUESS 


Product Details: PTU university SOLVED notes AND GUESS

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Edition Description2013-14





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MBA 202 Productions & Operations Management

Objective: It is a subject where a student learns various steps of product design,

development, production, plant location, storage, production planning and control. The

students are motivated to apply concepts and principles of management to become more

effective professional

Unit- I

Operations management: concept, functions. transformation process model: inputs, process and outputs; classification of operations; responsibilities of operations manager, contribution of henryford, deming, crossby, taguchi. Facility Location – importance, factors in location analysis, location analysis techniques. Product Design and development – product design and its characteristics, product development process (technical), product development techniques. Process selection- project, job, batch, mass and process types of production systems. operations management in corporate profitability and competitiveness

Unit- II

Facility Layout – Objectives, Advantages, Basic Types of Layouts, Problems in facility

layout. Production Planning & Control (PPC): –Concepts, Objectives, and Functions,

work study – Productivity: Method study; Work measurement. Capacity Planning –

Concepts, Factors affecting Capacity Planning, Capacity Planning Decisions.

Unit- III

Quality Management: Introduction, Meaning, Quality Characteristics of Goods and

Services, Juran‟s Quality Trilogy, Deming‟s 14 principles, Tools and Techniques for Quality Improvement, Statistical Process Control Chart, Quality Assurance, Total Quality Management (TQM) Model Concept of Six Sigma and its Application. Acceptance Sampling – Meaning, Objectives, Single Sample, Double Sample and Multiple Sample Plans with sated risk, Control charts for variables – Averages and Ranges, Control Charts for Defectives – Fraction Defective and Numbers Defective.

Unit- IV

JIT and Lean Production System: JIT Approach, Implementation requirements, Services,

Kanban System. Inventory Management: Concepts, Classification, Objectives, Factors

Affecting Inventory Control Policy, Inventory Costs, Basic EOQ Model, Re-order level,

ABC analysis. Logistics and Franchising. Purchasing Management – Objectives, Functions, Methods, Procedure, and Value Analysis: Concepts, Stock Control Systems, Virtual Factory Concept and Production Worksheets.


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