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MBA 201 Business Environment (Code: MBA 201 BOOK)

MBA 201 Business Environment
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MBA 201 Business Environment MBA 201 Business Environment

PTU university SOLVED Notes AND GUESS 


Product Details: PTU university SOLVED notes AND GUESS

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Edition Description2013-14





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MBA 201 Business Environment

Objectives: To provide students with an understanding of basic economic principles of

production & exchange-essential tools in making business decisions in today‟s global

economy. The objective is to make the student understanding how the economy works,

covering microeconomic description of business applications, including pricing for profit

maximization, price elasticity, market structures and modeling of business in varying

economic climates.

Unit –I

Introduction: definition, components and overview of Business Environment, Complexity

and Diversity of Business Environment in the 21st century, Concept of Business Cycle, Need

to scan the business environment and techniques of scanning the business environment.

Political Environment: Three political institutions: Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.

Brief note on Fundamental rights and Directive Principles of state policy, Rationale and

extent of state intervention.

Unit –II

Economic Environment: Concept and Salient features of various economic system, New

Industrial policy and industrial licensing, New economic policies, Aspects of economic

reforms and its effects on business, Emerging Economies. Effect of recession on Business

and remedies for that, Economic Planning in India: Objectives, Strategies and Evaluation of

current five year plan. Monetary and Fiscal Policy. Legal Environment: Company

Regulatory Legislations in India, FEMA, Latest. EXIM policy. Competition Law, Consumer

Protection Act 1986, Right to Information Act 2005

Unit –III

Public Sector in India: Concepts, Philosophy and Objectives, Performance, Problems and

Constraints. Disinvestment and Privatisation, Joint sector and Cooperative sector in India.

Social Environment: Corporate Social Responsibility, Consumer Movement, Business

Ethics, Cross-Cultural Business Environment, Ecological Environment Protection: Green

Management, Global Warming, Carbon Foot Printing, The Environment Protection Act 1986.

Unit –IV

Technological Environment: Impact of Technology on Business, Technological Policy,

Intellectual Property Rights, Import of Technology, Appropriate Technology, Problems in Technology Transfer. International Environment: Emergence of Globalisation. Control of Foreign Direct Investment, Benefits and Problems from MNCs. WTO, its role and functions, Implications for India. Trading Blocks, Foreign Trade: SEZ (Special Economic Zones), EPZ (Export processing zone), EOU (Export Oriented Units), Dumping and Anti-Dumping measures.



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