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BLIS 07 Information Technology Basics (Code: BLIS 07)

BLIS 07 Information Technology Basics
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Summary of BLIS 07 Information Technology Basics

BLIS-07: Inf ormation Technol ogy: Basics


Coverage:     Course Code: BLIS-07

Answer all questions.

1.1 “Depending upon the computing power and other capabilities, co mputers may be grouped into different categories”. Discuss t h e statement with reference t o the characteristics of each category.  


1.2 “The transmission media used in telecommunication networks vary both physically and in their carrying capacity”. Elucidate the statement.

2.1 What is meant by Applications Software? Discuss the different types of packages used in a library. Comment on the advantages of using a commercial software package.  


2.2 Discuss the advantages of automating library housekeeping operations. Describe the

objectives and features of an automated circulation control system.

3.1 Discuss the objectives and functions of automated serials control system.    


3.2 What do you understand by Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)? Enumerate its functional components. Explain ‘user profile’ an d ‘document profile’.    

4.1 What is an information system? Discuss computer-based information retrieval (IR)



4.2 Explain the main objectives of DELNET and discuss thesteps it has taken to realize

these objectives.    

5.0 Write short notes on any two of the following:  


b) MARC II Format

c) Reprography and Micrography

d) CD-ROM Networks

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