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BLIS 05 Reference and Information Sources (Code: BLIS 05)

BLIS 05 Reference and Information Sources
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Summary of BLIS 05 Reference and Information Sources

BLIS 05 Reference and Information Sources

BLIS-05: Reference and Information Sources


Coverage:   Course Code: BLIS-05

Course: Reference and Information Sources Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.2014-Jan.2015

Units: 1- 16     Total Marks: 100

Answer all questions.

1.1 Differentiate between reference book and other books. List the major types of reference and information access tools. Explain Non-Documentary reference tools in detail.


1.2 Define Bibliography. Write about branches of Bibliography and what do you mean by bibliographical co ntrol.        

2.1 Evaluate State - of -the art reports as source of information. Discuss its types and functions in detail.          


2.2 What do you mean by encyclopaedia? Mention its uses and types. Evaluates

“Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science”.    

3.1 How Almanac and Yearbook are different. Discuss ready reference sources and

evaluate “Europa Yearbook.”


3.2 Describe the types of geographical sources. Define Gazetteers mention some its important examples.  

4.1 Discuss the current sources of information in detail. Evaluate “Asian Recorder” and

“Keesing’s Record of World Events”.

20     OR

4.2 Evaluate in detail Mass Media’s role in providing information to the users. 20

5.0 Answer any fourteen (14) questions choosing at lest three(3) from each categories:

5.1 Give one example for each of the following categories:

a) Travel Guides

b) Indexing Periodicals

c) Trend Reports

d) Trade Catalogues

e) Statistical Sources


5.2 What information can be found from the following sources?

a) Webster’s New Geographical Dictionary

b) The Times Index

c) Universities Handbook

d) Britannica Book of the Year

e) Cumulative Book Index

5.3 Describe the scope of the following reference books:

a) Indian National Bibliography

b) Current Bibliography

c) Facts on File

d) Social Science Citation Index

e) Statesman’s Yearbook

5.4 Name any one source for answering each of the following questions:

a) Currency of England

b) Address of UNO

c) Height of Mount Everest

d) Meaning of “No Pains, No Gains”

e) Name of the Librarian of IIT Mumbai

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