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BLIS 04 Library Cataloguing Theory (Code: BLIS 04)

BLIS 04 Library Cataloguing Theory
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Summary of BLIS-04 Library Cataloguing Theory

BLIS-04: Library Cataloguing Theory


Coverage:   Course Code: BLIS-04

Course: Library Cataloguing Theory Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.2014-Jan.2015

Units: 1- 18     Total Marks: 100

Answer all questions.

1.1 Discuss the implications of Five Laws of Library Science for library catalogue.

Highlight the relationship of cataloguing with classification.


1.2 Enumerate different inner forms of library catalogue. Make a comparative study of

the dictionary and classified catalogue.      

2.1 What is a subject catalogue? Discuss different approaches to subject cataloguing.


2.2 List the areas of bibliographical description of an entry according to AACR -2R and

mention the functions of each area.      


3.1 Discuss the rules for cataloguing pseudonymous works in AACR-2R with examples.


3.2 What do you understand by centralized cataloguing? Discuss its various forms. 20

4.1 Enumerate different types of non-print media as listed in AACR -2R. Discuss the main problems faced in cataloguing non-print media.        


4.2 What is an indexing system? Differentiate between pre and post-coordinate indexing


5.0 Write short notes on any two of the following:

a) Unit card system

b) ALA filing rules

c) Analytical entries

d) Vocabulary control

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