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Monday, 17 February 2014 11:09

Ms-66 June, 2013 Marketing Research

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June, 2013

Ms-66 : Marketing Research


1. (a) Explain the various stages involved in Marketing Research Process.

(b) What is a Research Design ? Explain in brief the different types of Research Designs.

2. (a) What are the steps involved in a sampling process ? Explain.

(b) What sampling technique would you suggest for each of the following situations ? Give reasons for your answer.

(i) A survey by a private airline to understand the preferences and services expected by non business travellers.

(ii) A survey to estimate the awareness of the use of pure water for drinking purposes in the rural areas of Rajasthan.

3. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Primary Scales of Measurement

(b) Validity and Reliability of a scale

(c) Multi Dimensional Scaling

(d) Graphical Presentation of Data

(e) Sources of Error in Primary Data Collection


4. A passenger car manufacturer (mid segment sedan) has approached you to conduct a Marketing Research for him. As a part of this project you are required to develop a questionnaire to understand consumers perception of the brand, buying criteria and their relative importance and level of satisfaction. 

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