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Ms-64 June, 2013 International Marketing

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June, 2013

Ms-64 : International Marketing


1. (a) What are the economic and non - economic reasons that a firm considers for entering International Markets ? Explain.

(b) What are the different forms of Regional Economic Groupings for trade cooperation ? Give examples to illustrate your answer.

2. Discuss in brief the conceptual framework of Global Marketing. What are the different phases involved ? Give a brief explanation of each phase involved, with examples.

3. (a) Briefly explain the important contract terms (INCOTERMS) as defined by International Chamber of Commerce at the time of making an export contract.

(b) Discuss the various elements of Culture of Concern to International Marketer.

4. Write short notes on any three of the following :

(a) Role of World Bank

(b) Developments in International Monetary System

(c) Letter of Credit

(d) International Product Policy

(e) Techniques of International Marketing Research.



5. A manufacturer of Handloom products is planning to enter international markets. He has a well established domestic business and wants to go overseas. Discuss :

(a) The ways in which he can go International.

(b) What environmental analysis he has to undertake to understand the overseas markets ?

(c) The organisations he can approach which can guide him and facilitate his export efforts.

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