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Sunday, 16 February 2014 16:45

Ms-55 December, 2009 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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December, 2009

Ms-55 : Logistics and Supply Chain Management

1(a) Define value. Use Porter's value chain to explain how logistics helps organizations in deriving competitive advantage ?

(b) What do you understand by Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) ? State some of the strategies that are followed in implementation of ECR.

2a) Explain the concept of Push based supply chain and Pull based supply chain. What is a push-pull strategy ?

(b) Explain the meaning of the phrase "world-class" in World-Class Supply Chain Management (WCSCM). Also discuss some features of world-class companies.

3(a) What is the main reason of popularity of some Information and Technology (IT) based tools in supply chain management ? Briefly discuss a few of them.

(b) What do you understand by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ? Briefly describe the different modules that are integrated in ERP.

4(a) Explain activity based costing. What are the cost drivers in supply chain ? Explain cost drivers with the help of an example.

(b) List various supply chain performance measurement systems. Discuss any one of them in detail.

5(a) Explain the Euclidean Distance problem and Gravity Solution in context of Warehouse location. Are there any limitations on the use of the gravity solution ?

(b) Correlate the practical problems and factors influencing transportation decisions of a company or a carrier.

6(a) Explain Reverse Logistics as a part of the closed-loop supply chain.

(b) Explain the differences in the supply chain management of products vs. services.

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