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Training and development (Code: DBA 7003)

Training and development
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Training and development Training and development

DBA 7003  Training and development

UNIT I  INTRODUCTION - Training, Development and Performance consulting – Design of
HRD systems – Development of HRD strategies – Learning and Learning organizations
– Training Policies – organizational climate for training and development – a system
UNIT II  TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS  -  Objectives of training needs analysis  -Identification of training needs and the process, tools and techniques  –  organizational
analysis, task analysis and individual analysis – consolidation.
UNIT III  DESIGN OF TRAINING PROGRAMS  -  Linking training needs and objectives of
various theories of learning and methods of training  –  Learning cycles  –  factors for
fixing duration  –  selection of participants  –  choice of trainers  –  course contents  –
inhouse arrangements and outsourcing – E learning – training for trainers.
UNIT IV  DELIVERING THE TRAINING PROGRAMS  -  Conducting the programs  –  ice
breaking and games  –  relevance of culture of participants  –  layout facilitating
interactions – audio visual aids.
UNIT V  EVALUATION OF TRAINING PROGRAMS - Objectives of evaluation –  micro and
macro levels –  methods of evaluation – reaction, learning, behavior and results – Cost
benefit analysis – Role of trainer and line manager in evaluations – Design of Evaluation
– Kirkpatric’s model

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