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Strategic management (Code: DBA 7303 )

Strategic management
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Strategic management Strategic management

DBA 7303  Strategic management

UNIT I  STRATEGY AND PROCESS  -  Conceptual framework for strategic management, the
Concept of Strategy and the Strategy Formation Process  –  Stakeholders in business  –
Vision, Mission and Purpose  –  Business definition, Objectives and Goals  -  Corporate
Governance and Social responsibility-case study.
UNIT II  COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE  -  External Environment  -  Porter’s Five Forces
Model-Strategic Groups Competitive Changes during Industry Evolution-  Globalisation
and Industry Structure  -  National Context and Competitive advantage Resources-Capabilities and competencies–core competencies-Low cost and differentiation Generic
Building Blocks of Competitive Advantage-  Distinctive Competencies-Resources and
Capabilities durability of competitive Advantage-  Avoiding failures and sustaining
competitive advantage-Case study.
UNIT III  STRATEGIES  -  The generic strategic alternatives  –  Stability, Expansion,
Retrenchment and Combination strategies  -  Business level strategy-  Strategy in the
Global Environment-Corporate Strategy-Vertical Integration-Diversification and
Strategic Alliances-  Building and Restructuring the corporation-  Strategic analysis and
choice  -  Environmental Threat and Opportunity Profile (ETOP)  -  Organizational
Capability Profile -  Strategic Advantage Profile  -  Corporate Portfolio Analysis -  SWOT
Analysis -  GAP Analysis -  Mc Kinsey's 7s Framework -  GE 9 Cell Model -  Distinctive
competitiveness - Selection of matrix - Balance Score Card-case study.
process, Resource allocation, Designing organisational structure-Designing Strategic
Control Systems-  Matching structure and control to  strategy -Implementing Strategic
change-Politics-Power and Conflict-Techniques of strategic evaluation & control-case
UNIT V  OTHER STRATEGIC ISSUES  -  Managing Technology and Innovation-  Strategic
issues for Non Profit organisations.  New Business Models and strategies for Internet
Economy-case study

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