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Materials management (Code: DBA 7008)

Materials management
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Materials management Materials management

DBA 7008  Materials management

UNIT I  INTRODUCTION  -  Operating environment-aggregate planning-role, need, strategies,
costs techniques, approaches-master scheduling-manufacturing planning and control
system-manufacturing resource planning-enterprise resource planning-making the
production plan
UNIT II  MATERIALS PLANNING  - Materials requirements planning-bill of materials-resource requirement planning-manufacturing resource planning-capacity management-scheduling orders-production activity control-codification.
UNIT III  INVENTORY MANAGEMENT  -  Policy Decisions–objectives-control  -Retail
Discounting Model, Newsvendor Model; EOQ and EBQ models for uniform and
variable demand with and without shortages  -Quantity discount models. Probabilistic
inventory models.
UNIT IV  PURCHASING MANAGEMENT  -  Establishing specifications-selecting suppliers-price determination-forward buying-mixed buying strategy-price forecasting-buying
seasonal commodities-purchasing under uncertainty-demand management-price
forecasting-purchasing under uncertainty-purchasing of capital equipment-international
UNIT V  WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT  -  Stores management-stores systems and
procedures-incoming materials control -stores accounting and stock verification-Obsolete, surplus and scrap-value analysis-material handling-transportation and traffic
management  -operational efficiency-productivity-cost effectiveness-performance

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