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Consumer behavior (Code: DBA 7002)

Consumer behavior
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Consumer behavior Consumer behavior

DBA 7002  Consumer behavior

UNIT I  INTRODUCTION  -  Concepts  –  Significance  –  Dimensions of Consumer Behavior  –
Application of knowledge of Consumer Behaviour in marketing decisions.
UNIT II  CONSUMER BEHAVIOR MODELS  - Industrial and individual consumer behaviour
models  -  Howared-  Sheth, Engel  –  Kollat, Webstar and wind Consumer Behaviour
Models – Implications of the models on marketing decisions.
UNIT III  INTERNAL INFLUENCES  -  Psychological Influences on consumer behavior  –
motivation –  perception –  personality Learning and Attitude-  Self Image and Life styles
– Consumer expectation and satisfaction.
UNIT IV  EXTERNAL INFLUENCES  -  Socio-Cultural, Cross Culture  -  Family group  –
Reference group – Communication -Influences on Consumer behavior
UNIT V  PURCHASE DECISION PROCESS  -  High and low involvement -  Pre-purchase and
post-purchase behavior  –  Online purchase decision process  –  Diffusion of Innovation  –
Managing Dissonance  - Emerging Issues

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